Kyup containers provide two SSH authentication methods to connect to your server:

1) Password authentication

2) Public key authentication

You can check the following tutorial on how to set up SSH keys.

In this tutorial we will cover the steps needed to establish an SSH connection to your container using the password authentication method on Mac OS.

This form of authentication is the simplest one. The user specifies the username and corresponding password in the SSH client.

Connect to the server

Mac OS X includes the SSH client Terminal by default. You can use Terminal to connect to your container.

Login credentials

You need to use the following information to log in to your Kyup container:

- Container IP address.

- Username (root).

- Root password.

You can check the container's IP address from the Kyup Admin area -> Main Menu -> Containers.

In order to establish an SSH connection, first open Terminal on your Mac OS. In the terminal, type:

[code]ssh root@container_IP_address[/code]

Hit Enter and you’ll be prompted for a password. The password is case-sensitive. Once you have entered your password, hit Enter again.

If you’ve logged in successfully, you’ll see something like this:

Assuming that everything went well, you should be logged in and ready to type in commands.

Log out

If you type exit or logout you will log off: