In this tutorial we will cover the steps needed to install ProFTPD FTP server on your CentOS 6.4, Debian or Ubuntu platform. ProFTPD is free and open-source FTP server. It is among the most popular FTP servers in UNIX-like environments today. ProFTPD is feature rich it provides large amount of configuration options to the user.


  • CentOS 6.4, Debian or Ubuntu installed on your computer/server
  • SSH access (Command line access to the server)
  • root privileges
  • Basic skills for working on a Linux environment

Install ProFTPD

We will use the default package manager included inside the corresponding Linux distribution.

CentOS 6.4


During the installation you will be prompt whether you want ProFTPD installed as a service or as standalone server. We recommend choosing the standalone server option. Please note, that if you choose the inetd option, then you will have to install the inetd super-server daemon on your container and to configure it to start the ProFTPD service.

Along with the ProFTPD service it will be best to install an FTP client on the server:

CentOS 6.4


Configure ProFTPD

Once installed we will need to configure the ProFTPD service. Let's open its default configuration file:

CentOS 6.4


and edit the following lines:

CentOS 6.4:


Comment the line by placing a pound (#) sign at the bginning:

This way we will disable IPv6 support which might cause problem on IPv4-only servers.

Make sure that the following lines are not commented:

The DefaultRoot setting ensures that the users will be “jailed” in their home folder.

Due to the fact that the proftpd user is not created by default in CentOS 6.4 we should add the user with the following command:

When we are ready with the configuration we can start up the ProFTPD server:

Make sure that the default FTP port 21 is opened on the server:

Test the functionality of the ProFTPD service

You can test the FTP functionality using the FTP client which has been installed on the server:


where X.X.X.X is your server's IP address, i.e.

You should be able to see prompt similar to the following one:

An easy way to find your server's IP address is to execute the following command:

Start Up ProFTPD automatically on server boot

CentOS 6.4


At the end you should have a working FTP server installed on your Linux platform.