Simple Real-time Auto Scaling

Ensure the right amount of resources during traffic spikes and stop paying for extra capacity unless you really need it

Vertical Auto Scaling

Scale Instantly With No Downtime

Scale the RAM, Storage and CPU power of your container with a single click. Scaling up of all container resources is effective immediately, requires no reboot and causes no downtime.

Schedule Auto Scaling By Date

If you know when you're expecting changes in traffic, such as the launch date of your app, a release of a new feature or a planned promotion, you can schedule your resources to be automatically scaled up on a specific date and hour and then scaled back again in advance.

Set Auto Scaling Tresholds

Customize your resource thresholds that should kick off an autoscale action. The option to auto scale your server when a certain resource usage quota is reached helps you handle unexpected traffic spikes, even if you are away at the time.

Activate Auto Scaling Rules

Specify the increments of CPU, RAM or Storage that should be added and set the monthly traffic caps on each one to avoid excessive resource usage. That way you're ready for traffic emergencies, but still in full control.

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