Secure, Fast and Scalable Linux Containers

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How Is Our Cloud Linux Containers Platform Different?

Legacy Cloud Platforms

Traditional Hypervisor virtualization requires multiple additional layers apart from your user space - a Hypervisor level, a guest OS for each virtual machine, libraries, etc. This translates into the following disadvantages:

  • Huge Server Overhead
  • Slow Provisioning of New Instances
  • Scaling Involves Downtime
  • Low Elasticity

Present Container Software Solutions

Container virtualization happens right on the OS level. Each container is an isolated process on the host server's OS, sharing its Kernel with the other instances. This eliminates the need for a Hypervisor and Guest OS levels. But most providers still run container software on virtual machines, which drastically limits the benefits of containers:

  • Better Resource Efficiency
  • No or Limited Root Privileges
  • More Elasticity
  • Security-risk Isolation
  • Faster Provisioning
  • Not Suitable for Production

Next-gen Kyup Bare-metal Linux Containers

We run our own LXC technology on bare metal. This means there are no extra layers to navigate before gaining access to hardware resources, which gives better performance.

  • Maximum Resource Efficiency
  • Unmatched Elasticity
  • Native Performance
  • Real-time Scaling
  • Secure Isolation
  • Instant Provisioning
  • Root Privileges
  • Production-ready