Docker Runs Best on Containers

Auto Scalable, High-performance Container Infrastructure for your Docker Images

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Containers All The Way Down To Bare Metal

Most cloud hosting providers run Docker on virtual machines, which takes away from the scalability, elasticity, and operational efficiency of native containers. We use LXC technology directly on bare metal to eliminate layers of virtualization that cause server overhead. That way your Docker apps enjoy the best possible performance.

Deploy Production-ready Docker Containers Instantly

5 Second Server Provisioning

Enjoy the fastest provisioning time in the industry thanks to our elastic bare-metal container infrastructure.

Docker Hub Integration

Pull a Docker image from the Docker Hub or your own Docker repository directly from our Dashboard.

Secure Containers

Get full root access and secure isolation per container in a multi-tenant environment.

Run Docker on the Fastest SSD-only Cloud

Get mind-blowing performance and high availability of your Docker cloud server on our high-performance SSD-only container infrastructure. Don't just take our word for it - check our IOPs benchmarks below.


Scale Automatically and In Real Time

Docker helps developers ship modern applications quickly and easily. We help you scale them instantly or automatically and with no need to reboot your Docker container when scaling up.

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Pay As You Grow

Our pricing model is simple and flexible: you only pay for what you use, calculated by the minute, at the end of the month. You can start with $10.00/mo and scale your resources on demand.

$10.00 per additional GB
$10.00 per additional CPU Core
$5.00 per additional 10 GB