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We are talented and passionate people with great plans for the future and we're looking for more of the likes of us to help make them happen

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Kyup is an exciting place to work at - we will embrace your nerdy, creative, ambitious or analytical side equally and let you do your thing to make our team better, stronger and happier. We love challenges and hard work, but we also appreciate the time to relax with our team mates. We are just as comfortable to be talking about complex infrastructure at one moment, then exchanging funny gifs the next.

We are based in Eastern Europe, but we do most of our business in North America and the rest of Europe. We are fascinated by culture and enthusiastic about bringing in team members from all over the world - that's why we are flexible with both working hours and locations. If you want to have the freedom, opportunities and the company to do the best work of your life, we want to hear from you.

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