If you’re reading this, chances are you already know about us. But if you don’t, here is the run-down: GetClouder was created in January 2014 as a side project of SiteGround Web Hosting. The team that started it already had more than 10 years experience getting into the ins and outs of web hosting, so we decided it was time to put all our know-how into something new: a container cloud hosting platform, delivering next-gen cloud technology and killer features at an unmatched price.

We started working on the project in January 2014. We built our own container infrastructure from the grounds up using the LXC technology and a bunch of custom Kernel modules, patches and configurations. A pretty ambitious endeavour even now, given that a lot of companies are only recently getting into containers, and even the ones who already did still use traditional virtual machines with third-party software to containerize them.

We launched the platform in beta in June 2014 - building everything in under 6 months. Most of the people we tell this find it hard to believe - it seems unfathomable to a launch such a technologically complicated solution and a whole new brand in 6 months with only about 15 people working on it. But that’s exactly what we did.

Starting in beta, we also launched a White Hacker bug bounty to put our secure container setup to the test. We heard from hundreds of security engineers without a single major security exploit on root infrastructure level found. Indeed, a lot of the feedback we received were congratulations on the level of thought and effort that went into our system.

GetClouder officially got out of beta and we started charging for services in the beginning of October 2014. Now, a couple of months later, we are changing the brand name to Kyup. As a founder and CEO, I wanted to share some of the reasoning behind our decision at this point in time and what went into it.

Not Another Cloud Brand

It all started with a spelling mistake. On one of the first conferences we attended with the new brand, the organisers had mistakenly put only the “clouder” bit on our badges, instead of the full name of our company. GetClouder was intended to be perceived in its entirety in an allusion between “get louder” and “get more cloud”, and a friendly wink at our team spirit. We never intended to use the term “clouder” separately, because it was too generic and we made a point of it. But since you sometimes see “get” in domain names for purely identification purposes, it created confusion. And with the numerous companies using the term “cloud”, regardless of the industry, we found the name was still too generic.

That’s why after several months of continuous discussions, we decided it was time that we found our own voice.

Along comes Kyup

We first thought of Kyup because of its roots: it is an old word for “a container” in Bulgarian. Since the founding team are all originally from Bulgaria, we thought that was a nice nod to the Eastern European tech scene (which, by the way, is blossoming). We wanted something that would resonate with our background and still sound good regardless of the language barrier. And we also wanted it to be somewhat related to what we do - building a container technology, but in our own way, with a twist. Just like in our work - we take what we have and translate it into top-notch services tо people, businesses and companies all over the world.

There’s even more to the pleasant sound and sentimental value of it. Kyup also perfectly conveys our focus on accelerating performance, speed and flexibility. It’s pronounced just like the abbreviation for queries per second (QPS), it’s short, sweet and it sticks. It’s non-generic and sets us apart from the multitude of “cloud” derivatives.

You can already tell we really like the name - we hope you do too.

What’s next?

Along with the name change, we will be launching a couple of awesome new features, office expansions and cool new projects. Over the next couple of weeks we will be announcing them one by one. So watch this space - it’s a flying start.

Tenko Nikolov
CEO and Founder of Kyup
(the platform formerly known as GetClouder)