Developing the next-generation technology, stripping it down to its bare metal and squeezing maximum performance from it has always been our focus at Kyup. This idea started everything for us and keeping our aim on providing an unmanaged service is responsible for most of our loved product features: instant provisioning; unmatched speed and resource efficiency; seamless auto-scaling. But of course, not everyone feels comfortable managing their server infrastructure and is ready to jump on the bare metal ship. Along the way we’ve had requests for managed cloud hosting features, and today we are announcing our partnership with Cloudways that addresses many of those requests.

What Exactly is Cloudways?

For years, Cloudways have focused on building a managed cloud platform that then integrates with the world’s leading providers: Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud Platform and Vultr. We are very excited to be joining this list, and to announce that Kyup’s performance container hosting is now available in a managed hosting package that is accessible to all, full of tools, even more secure and better supported.


What are the Added Features?

When running your project through Cloudways on top of Kyup’s platform, you can perform many server operations by using their user-friendly interfaces. Additionally, you get an extra security layer thanks to the Cloudways firewall and the active monitoring of vulnerabilities on all server software in real-time. To the convenience of their clients, Cloudways also offers Let’s Encrypt SSLs, GIT integration, and a built-in staging tool that will allow you to create new testing environments with ease. Team collaboration and the ability to configure access levels is also a great service that you can enjoy.

Visit the Cloudways website to find out more about the service. If you are hesitating between managed and unmanaged cloud hosting, please contact us.