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Building an Open Source PaaS for Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is not about simply connecting a device to the Internet. It is about making a device intelligent and changing the way we use it every day. Putting a powerful hardware into a toaster, a vacuum cleaner, an air conditioner or another well known home appliance will not make it smart […]

Optimizing Mail Server SMTP Requests for Maximum Resource Efficiency

Or how we went from 2 000 000 to 200 000 daily SMTP connections overnight If you are running a huge pile of email servers, like we do, you deal with a lot of SPAM messages on a daily basis. In which case - godspeed, but this article is not about the way you find, […]

Scaling a 24-hour online WordPress marathon on Kyup’s infrastructure

Who are we? SiteGround¬†is a web hosting provider with more than a 10-year history. We are one of the leading service providers offering managed WordPress services, among others. We are also active supporters of the WordPress community and there is hardly a WordPress event that goes without a visit from at least one of our […]