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Cloudways Adds Kyup as an Infrastructure Partner

Developing the next-generation technology, stripping it down to its bare metal and squeezing maximum performance from it has always been our focus at Kyup. This idea started everything for us and keeping our aim on providing an unmanaged service is responsible for most of our loved product features: instant provisioning; unmatched speed and resource efficiency; […]

Kyup Joins Cloud Industry Leaders in Open Container Initiative

We are thrilled to share that Kyup has officially joined the Open Container Initiative , a coalition of industry leaders for defining common specifications around container format and runtime in the cloud hosting space.

Introducing Kyup’s Q&A Series

Ever since we started the Kyup blog we wanted it to be a place for industry conversation and collaboration, rather than just a company news stream. That is exactly why we have also decided to launch a guest blogging project, which will feature insight, commentary and inspiration from the best and brightest in the cloud […]

European and Asia-Pacific Server Locations Now Open

Ever since launching our platform, we’ve received numerous inquiries on opening up new data centre locations spanning throughout the globe. To answer some of the most frequent and vocal requests, today we are launching not one, but two new server locations: Amsterdam and Singapore.

 GetClouder is now Kyup

If you’re reading this, chances are you already know about us. But if you don’t, here is the run-down: GetClouder was created in January 2014 as a side project of SiteGround Web Hosting. The team that started it already had more than 10 years experience getting into the ins and outs of web hosting, so […]