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Cloudways Adds Kyup as an Infrastructure Partner

Developing the next-generation technology, stripping it down to its bare metal and squeezing maximum performance from it has always been our focus at Kyup. This idea started everything for us and keeping our aim on providing an unmanaged service is responsible for most of our loved product features: instant provisioning; unmatched speed and resource efficiency; seamless auto-scaling. But of course, not everyone feels comfortable managing their server infrastructure and is ready to jump on the bare metal ship. Along the way we’ve had requests for managed cloud hosting features, and today we are announcing our partnership with Cloudways that addresses many of those requests.
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Q&A with Ken Hess: “Containers are far more efficient than running everything in a full blown VM.”

Q&A with Ken Hess

Ever since we started the Kyup blog we wanted it to be a place for industry conversation and collaboration, rather than just a company news stream. That is exactly why we launched our guest blogging project, featuring insight, commentary and inspiration from the best and brightest in the cloud computing space. Today we are speaking with Ken Hess, a technical analyst and a writer, author of the Virtually Speaking column at ZDNet among other things.

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Kyup Joins Cloud Industry Leaders in Open Container Initiative

Kyup joins Open Container Initiative

We are thrilled to share that Kyup has officially joined the Open Container Initiative , a coalition of industry leaders for defining common specifications around container format and runtime in the cloud hosting space.

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Introducing Kyup’s Q&A Series

Ever since we started the Kyup blog we wanted it to be a place for industry conversation and collaboration, rather than just a company news stream. That is exactly why we have also decided to launch a guest blogging project, which will feature insight, commentary and inspiration from the best and brightest in the cloud hosting space.

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How to Migrate a Cloud Server to a Linux Container from Kyup

The first question that we get from developers when they hear about the instant server deploy, native performance and real-time and auto scaling features of our Linux containers is “How do I migrate my cloud server to your infrastructure?” Up until now the answer was - the same way you would transfer a virtual machine to a new one. But we know that’s easier said than done.

Migrating virtual machines has always been a time-consuming, complicated and all in all a nerve-wrecking process. To make that a less daunting task, today we are launching two new features that take the hassle off the cloud server migration process.

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How is Kyup Immune to VENOM

Last night technical media and cloud providers alike were suddenly put on the alert with the report of major vulnerability affecting some Hypervisor virtualization providers.

How does this affect Kyup clients? It doesn't.

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European and Asia-Pacific Server Locations Now Open

Ever since launching our platform, we’ve received numerous inquiries on opening up new data centre locations spanning throughout the globe. To answer some of the most frequent and vocal requests, today we are launching not one, but two new server locations: Amsterdam and Singapore.
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Building an Open Source PaaS for Internet of Things


The Internet of Things (IoT) is not about simply connecting a device to the Internet. It is about making a device intelligent and changing the way we use it every day. Putting a powerful hardware into a toaster, a vacuum cleaner, an air conditioner or another well known home appliance will not make it smart out of the box. But connecting it to the cloud where the user can define rules, monitor and control it remotely in real time is another story.
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Optimizing Mail Server SMTP Requests for Maximum Resource Efficiency


Or how we went from 2 000 000 to 200 000 daily SMTP connections overnight

If you are running a huge pile of email servers, like we do, you deal with a lot of SPAM messages on a daily basis. In which case - godspeed, but this article is not about the way you find, flag, and prevent SPAM. It is about its impact on the computational resources practically wasted by the servers for processing messages that afterwards ended up in the junk folder. Turns out, you can effectively find a way to reclaim all that computational power and use it for better purposes. Even if you don’t deal with huge volumes of SPAM messages in particular, our quest could surely shed some light on some simple server optimisations that can help you use your resources much more efficiently.
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 GetClouder is now Kyup


If you’re reading this, chances are you already know about us. But if you don’t, here is the run-down: GetClouder was created in January 2014 as a side project of SiteGround Web Hosting. The team that started it already had more than 10 years experience getting into the ins and outs of web hosting, so we decided it was time to put all our know-how into something new: a container cloud hosting platform, delivering next-gen cloud technology and killer features at an unmatched price. Read More