Scalable Cloud Hosting on Linux containers

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Containers Deployed

More Flexibility for Developers

Build, launch and scale your app with maximum efficiency

5 second Provisioning

Get a production-ready cloud server in seconds

Instant Scaling

Scale your cloud server without rebooting

Auto Scaling

Turn on automatic scaling rules to meet traffic spikes

High Performance

Get the fastest SSD-powered cloud servers

Cloud Hosting on Bare-metal Containers

Host on the most resource-efficient and secure Linux cloud

Native Server Performance

We run Linux containers on bare metal which ensures the following benefits:

  • Instant Server Provisioning
  • Maximum Resource Efficiency
  • Unmatched Scalability

Secure Linux Containers

We perfected the isolation of LXC containers in a multi-tenant environment:

  • Secure Isolation
  • Root Privileges
  • Better Resource Allocation
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No-Setup One-click Images

Get a cloud server with your favourite Linux distribution, stack or application preinstalled


LEMP Stack

LAMP Stack



Ruby on Rails

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